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  • Planned Parenthood Offers DISGUSTING ‘Cure’ For Zika Virus

    It seems that every year the threat of a new epidemic terrifies the world, and this year has been no exception. The Zika Virus has been infecting thousands of people in South America, and now cases of the disease have been reported in Florida. While the disease is not normally fatal to adult humans, it can cause severe birth […] More

  • Huge Convoy Of Black Vehicles Seen In 3 States Is Causing Nationwide Panic

    Highway drivers in rural areas of three different states across the country have reported seeing an ominous convoy of unfamiliar black vehicles mysteriously passing through without stopping. Photographs of these trucks show three words on the side, which are causing nationwide panic about what they’re being used for. A fleet of several matte black vehicles […] More

  • 33 Service Members Found To Have Zika Virus – Including Pregnant Servicewoman

    The Pentagon announced Wednesday it believes 33 service members contracted the Zika virus abroad, and one of the service members is a pregnant woman. According to Pentagon spokesman Air Force Major Ben Sakrisson, while it seems clear U.S. troops were infected overseas, what’s not clear is exactly where they contracted Zika, Reuters reports. The Centers for Disease Control and […] More