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  • White Nationalist Richard Spencer Brags About Voting For Joe Biden, Posts Photo Of His Ballot


    The Democrats gleefully pointed to white supremacist’s support of Donald Trump in the past to “prove” that the President was a “racist white supremacist”. Well, things just got awkward for Democrats. The most famous white nationalist, Richard Spencer, posted a photo of his ballot on Twitter Tuesday, showing he voted for former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe […] More

  • Former RNC Chairman Makes INSANE Comments On MSNBC, Says Trump Would Like Terror Attack On Democrats


    Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele claimed Friday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump was ‘probably’ upset that law enforcement prevented a terror attack against prominent Democrats. A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant was arrested earlier this week for allegedly stockpiling guns and ammunition with the alleged intention of carrying out a large-scale terror attack to “establish a […] More

  • POLL: Should America Remain A Christian Nation?


    A recent string of Leftist tirades has lumped ‘white-conservative-Christians’ with white supremacists, stating that white Christians, especially fundamental and orthodox Christian groups, are racist. The Left-liberal ranters also place the growing gun violence, terrorist attacks, and all other problems facing the Nation on conservative Christians holding firm to Biblical teachings. This clearly is an absurd string […] More