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  • The Reason Why Hillary’s Lies Are Still DANGEROUS, Even After The Election

    Perhaps no real harm can come from Hillary Clinton monetizing her venting about how the FBI director, Russia, Bernie Sanders and misogyny apparently conspired to deny her destined ascension to the presidency. But, it’s worth recalling that after the third presidential debate last year when then Republican candidate Donald Trump indicated he might not accept […] More

  • WHATTT? 300,000 Fools PAID For This Rubbish?

    The recently released Hillary Clinton memoir, What Happened, has sold 300,000 copies across all formats in the first week, with 168,000 copies sold in hardcover alone. Publisher Simon & Schuster released numbers showing What Happened is the best-selling nonfiction release since Mark Owen’s No Easy Day, a ‘”first hand” account of the mission that killed […] More