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  • Black Teens Who Murdered Uber Driver Reach SHOCKING Plea Deal, Will Get ZERO Prison Time!

    Two teen girls that faced murder charges over UberEats driver Mohammad Anwar’s death have reached a shocking plea deal that will keep them out of prison completely. A recent carjacking in Washington, D.C., attracted national attention because the carjackers who are 13 and 15-years-old were caught on video during and immediately after the crime. There […] More

  • Violent Criminal Released From Prison Early Murders 3, Including 4-Year-Old, And Cuts Woman’s Heart Out

    Residents of Oklahoma learned of a monster that was in their midst, let out early from prison involving drug convictions and domestic violence. His release was in January. It didn’t take long for him to reoffend. Lawrence Anderson, 42 has since added mass murder and cannibalism to his resume. After being released early from prison, […] More

  • POLL: Should Sanctuary Cities At Least Deport Violent Criminals?

    Sanctuary cities seem to think the laws of the US do not apply to illegal immigrants. Instead of deporting known criminals they release them back into the country, putting innocent citizens at risk. Recently a convicted rapist who had gotten himself arrested and deported 20 times already was “saved” by a sanctuary city, and immediately […] More