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  • Government Watchdog Confirms FDA Illegally Buying Aborted Baby Parts With Taxpayer Money


    Most of us have heard that Communist China has been harvesting organs of different ethnic groups and Christians but did you know our own Government is selling organ parts of aborted babies? Sadly it’s true, according to Judicial Watch the government has “spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to buy human fetal tissue”. Judicial […] More

  • China Eager For Democrat Victory And The Collapse Of The U.S. Government


    Chinese state media predicts that the U.S. political system as we know it is about to collapse, in a grim assessment of this week’s election. “The decline of U.S. politics in 2020 is destined to be recorded in history,” wrote China’s state-run Global Times. The outlet cited gun and ammunition purchases as evidence that a civil war […] More