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  • Sexist Biden ERASES Women In Latest Budget, Instead Calls Them “Birthing People”


    While foreign rivals attack America’s infrastructure, the Pentagon produces woke recruitment videos, and Joe Biden is designing his budget with the most woke terminology: The President of the United States introduce a budget that replaces the term “mother” with “birthing people” in reference to maternal health programs. — Eric Teetsel (@EricTeetsel) June 7, 2021 Yes, […] More

  • It’s Coming: Biden Preparing For Largest Tax Hike In 30 Years To Cover $1.9T COVID Stimulus Bill


    In order to help pay for his ambitious upcoming economic initiatives, President Joe Biden is eyeing the first major tax hike since 1993 according to sources around his administration. The $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan” that just passed on a strict party-line vote of Democrats relied almost entirely on debt to finance. But according to his Secretary […] More