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  • POLL: Should Universities Crack Down On Leftist Crackpot Anti-American Professors?


    It is clear that more and more Leftist politicians are completely against every principle that the American foundation was built upon. Everywhere you turn they are spewing venom about how terrible they feel the Nation is, how awful the freedoms are, how oppressive the liberties are. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Where do these ideas come […] More

  • POLL: Have Colleges Become So Stupidly Liberal You Don’t Want To Send Your Kids There?

    Professors calling for Trump to hang, patriotic rallies banned, and liberals pushing their idiotic viewpoints on impressionable mines: that’s what the college experience seems to have become these days. No wonder we see a generation of snowflakes who aren’t prepared for the REAL WORLD! Have colleges and universities become so stupidly liberal you don’t want […] More