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  • Trump Strikes Again! Saves Americans MILLIONS After Cutting More Aid To Anti-American Palestinians


    U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered that $25 million earmarked for the care of Palestinians in East Jerusalem hospitals be directed elsewhere as part of a review of aid, a State Department official said on Saturday. Trump called for a review of U.S. assistance to the Palestinians earlier this year to ensure that the funds […] More

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  • Nikki Has Been Taking Names And Keeping Records – Puts The UN On Notice That Trump Means Business


    United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley followed up on her threat to “take names” Tuesday after the release of the State Department’s annual report detailing the voting records of member nations. “This is not an acceptable return on our investment,” Haley said in a statement. Haley, upon learning that several of the ten member nations who […] More

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