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  • Donald Trump Sets New Fundraising RECORD! In ONE Day He Received More Than…

    Cash may not the most important factor in winning an election, but it certainly helps. Campaigns burn through cash faster that a college student with Daddy’s credit card. Having a steady stream of funds will ensure the staff can keep reaching out to the public, the candidate can travel, and—of course—those all-important ads. Getting regular […] More

  • POLL: Is Trump Showing More Compassion To Louisiana Flood Victims Than Obama?

    Whis week, Trump Donated an 18-Wheeler full of blankets, diapers, school supplies, cleaning supplies for Louisiana flood victims.   Meanwhile, President Obama is still playing golf while on summer vacation in New England. Do you think Obama should have cut it vacation short?  Is Donald Trump showing more compassion to Louisiana flood victims?  Take the […] More