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  • Damning New Poll Shows The American People Are AGAINST The Democrat’s Plan To Impeach Trump


    The Democrat’s plot to impeach former President Trump failed last week as he was acquitted in the Senate. Now, a new poll shows America is not on the Democrat’s side. Rasmussen Reports survey asked: “Should public figures be punished for saying they believe the 2020 election was stolen?” Fifty-four percent of likely voters said “no,” followed by […] More

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  • BREAKING: Trump Acquitted Again, But These 7 Republicans Voted To Convict


    Moments ago, the Senate voted to acquit President Trump on the articles of impeachment. He is innocent and is officially still eligible to run for office again in the future. Democrats lose AGAIN! Here’s the breaking story: It was a largely party line vote, with Democrats voting in unison, but they were joined by a […] More

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