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  • Ilhan Omar BUSTED! MN Investigation Reveals She Committed At LEAST 8 Felonies; Will She Get The Hillary Treatment?


    An investigation into campaign finance violations by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar reveals she committed numerous felonies, including filing joint tax returns with a man she wasn’t married to. Minnesota’s Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board found Omar used campaign funds for personal out-of-state travel and legal expenses in violation of state law, and ordered her to […] More

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  • POLL: Do You Support Al Sharpton Going To Jail For Tax Evasion?

    BREAKING NEWS: SHOCK – Is Al Sharpton IS GOING TO PRISON?! Rev. Al Sharpton has become a millionaire and MSNBC host by race baiting. But for decades, he hasn’t paid millions in back taxes. Now, according to a bombshell story in American News, “Obama’s new law H.R. 22 moves to strip passports from anyone who […] More

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