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  • VIDEO: Latino REFUSES Service To American That Can’t Speak Spanish…In America!


    A Spanish-speaking clerk at a Taco Bell in Hialeah city, Florida, refused service to an African-American couple on Wednesday night, by saying she did not speak English. The city is 93 percent Latino and 3 percent African-American, according to 2017 data collected by the Census Bureau. According to the Miami Herald: In the video, which was […] More

  • Taco Bell Restaurants in California Just Made a HUGE Change To Their Policies, And Employees Are In Tears!


    California Taco Bell employees may want to start bringing their lunch from home. A recently court-upheld decision allows the fast food chain to ban customers that use their employee discount to purchase food from eating off-site, Inc. reported. From Fox News: The lunchtime restrictions only apply to employees who are using their employee discount. Taco […] More