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  • WATCH: ‘Peaceful’ Portland Protesters SWARM Suburbs, Threaten To Rape Wives And Daughters!


    Protesters from Portland decided to invade the quiet suburbs of Springfield, Oregon last night, threatening to beat up civilians and rape their wives and daughters. As usual, the protesters started a fight with police, before roaming the neighborhood, insulting residents and making vile threats. Video footage of the “protest” shows Black Lives Matter and Antifa […] More

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  • Obama Gave Democrats The Ability To DESTROY Suburbs, But It Gets Much, Much Scarier!


    Mark Levin on Sunday night aired an interview that could be one of the most important TV segments you’ll see this year. Critical might be a good way to put it. Levin spoke with Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, for a dedicated hour-long special tonight. The subject, the “Affirmatively […] More

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  • Like Your Neighborhood? Biden Policy Would Allow Feds To Say Who Lives Where


    A significant number of commentators have posited that the 2020 election will be won or lost in the suburbs. For some reason, these suburban voters seem to be signaling that they want Joe Biden to take their guns away, raise their taxes, and cause massive job losses in industries related to oil and gas. Or perhaps they […] More

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  • Suburbanites Not Supportive Of Trump

    America’s suburbs: They’re sprawling, replete with shopping centers and bike paths – and they’re often where presidential elections are won or lost. But in a potential problem for the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump has not fared so well in the ‘burbs so far this cycle. Even as the billionaire businessman attracted more primary votes […] More

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