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  • Steve Harvey Has HARSH Words For Trump-Hating Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg is infamous for so many disturbing reasons. He helped bring the thug life to the mainstream with the evolution of rap/thug culture in the early ’90s. He is outspoken on many issues in the black community that continue to keep minorities in the slums and ghettos. And he also just “shot” Donald Trump […] More

  • Hate thy name is Hollywood

    In a hitherto unseen and unheard of display of hatred not seen since Democrats established the KKK in order to strike fear in the hearts of blacks and to facilitate the murder of blacks and those damned black loving Republicans, Liberals have been busy implementing a campaign of death threats against A) The Electoral College […] More

  • POLL: Is Steve Harvey an Honorable Man?

    The legendary comedian Steve Harvey was personally asked by Ben Carson to help clean up America’s inner cities since he, himself, grew up in them. He thought this was a great opportunity to give back to his community and make a real difference. Read the full story here. The Left is outraged at Harvey for […] More

  • Leaked Memo Proves Hillary’s Interview With Steve Harvey Was 100% FAKE and STAGED

    Can Hillary Clinton do anything “off the cuff” or without pre-screened questions, hired actors, or staged scenarios? It appears she can’t. Everything about Hillary is contrived and phony – even her “casual interviews” that are supposed to look unrehearsed and informal. They are 100% FAKE. Case in point – back in February Hillary did the […] More