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  • Tragic: College Student Abducted and Killed After Getting Into a Car She Thought Was Her Uber


    A University of South Carolina student was killed after getting into a car she thought was her Uber on Friday, according to police. From Daily Caller: Samantha Josephson, 21, got into the black Chevrolet Impala in Columbia, South Carolina, early Friday morning. Her body was dumped 65 miles away in a wooded area in Clarendon […] More

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  • South Carolina Dem. Candidate BUSTED – What He Did For Money Disrespected EVERY Wounded Veteran


    Democratic candidate for governor of South Carolina, James Smith, was denied eligibility to a Veterans Affairs (VA) program meant to help disabled veterans, after he did not cooperate with an inspection of his business, which has previously received special privileges based on Smith’s veteran status, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation(DCNF). Smith has allegedly misused […] More

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  • WOW – South Carolina Talks Secession From Union Over ‘Gun Law Tyranny’


    South Carolina State Rep. Mike Pitts (R-14) is proposing his state consider secession from the Union rather than face the tyranny of federal gun control. His proposal comes after former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens pushed a repeal of the Second Amendment, and talk of such an repeal was echoed by others. Fox News quoted Rep. Pitts saying, […] More

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  • Things Heat Up As South Carolina Takes A Huge Stand Against LGBT Agenda


    Liberal groups have voiced their outrage over legislation introduced by Republican members of the South Carolina legislature. The bill, proposed last week by state Reps. Steven Long, William Chumley, Mike Burns, John McCravy, Josiah Magnuson and Rick Martin, would define same-sex marriage as a “parody marriage,” according to WJZY. The “Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act” says that marriage can […] More

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