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  • What Are They Hiding Now?! Prosecutors REFUSE To Give Judge Key Flynn/Kislyak Call Transcript


    Several weeks ago, Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has presided over the case of General Michael Flynn, requested that Special Counsel prosecutors turn over transcripts of Michael Flynn’s telephone conversations with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak from December 2016. Last Friday, prosecutors refused to provide the information. On Tuesday, Sullivan issued the following statement: Upon consideration of the government’s […] More

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  • Andrew McCabe Troubles Grow After His Hidden Efforts Against Trump And Sessions Are Revealed


    As deputy director of the FBI last year, Andrew McCabe opened a criminal investigation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to a new report. The investigation was sparked by a request from two Democratic senators who asserted that Sessions gave false testimony during his Senate confirmation hearing in January 2017 about contacts he had with […] More

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