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  • NJ Dem. Candidate Faces HUGE Setback After His Own Words And Actions Come Back To HAUNT HIM!


    New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez was supposed to skate to a relatively easy victory in November, but recent polling indicates that the Democrat might not be the lock his party desperately needs him to be to have any chance at winning the Senate. Amid scandalous accusations that make those against Brett Kavanaugh look tame, the […] More

  • EXPOSED! Menendez Trial Shines Light on More Democratic Crooks

    You can be forgiven for being unaware that a sitting US Senator is currently standing trial, and even for being unaware of what the political affiliation of said Senator might be. There has been a relative dearth of stories concerning the trial of Robert Menendez and predictably many of the stories that have managed to […] More

  • Democrats Plot How To Push Through Their Agenda This Fall…And Not Lose Their PAWN, Senator Bob Menedez

    The upcoming bribery trial for New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez could have damaging consequences for his party whether or not he’s convicted, by sidelining him from Congress just as Democrats gear up to fight the Trump agenda. The senator is now pleading with a federal judge to alter the trial schedule on certain days […] More