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  • Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Begin Process For Texas To Secede From The U.S.


    Texans are fed up. They have had enough of the far Left turn that America has taken and they aren’t going to follow it down that path. Now a Representative in Texas has formally filed a bill that would put Texas on track to be the first state to secede from the nation. The bill filed […] More

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  • WOW – South Carolina Talks Secession From Union Over ‘Gun Law Tyranny’


    South Carolina State Rep. Mike Pitts (R-14) is proposing his state consider secession from the Union rather than face the tyranny of federal gun control. His proposal comes after former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens pushed a repeal of the Second Amendment, and talk of such an repeal was echoed by others. Fox News quoted Rep. Pitts saying, […] More

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