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  • RUSSIAGATE 2020: Russian Trolls Behind 2016 Ruse TEAM UP With Left-Wing American Writers To Target 2020 Voters


    The Russian group responsible for trolling voters in 2016 is using a phony news website and recruiting American left-wing writers to create content designed to inflame the electorate before the presidential election, according to a report published Tuesday. Facebook removed a network of accounts and pages Tuesday tied to the Russian Internet Research Agency or […] More

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  • Russian Troll Farm Called ‘No Big Deal’ By Reporter Who Exposed It

    YES! YUGE!

    According to the reporter that first uncovered the Russian troll farm that tampered with the 2016 election, the whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. Although they dumped millions of dollars into Facebook ads, it was a drop in the bucket compared with the 2 billion dollars spent in campaign advertising. Hot Air […] More

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