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  • ‘Republicans Are Terrorists’: MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Melts Down On Live TV, Compares Rep. Boebert To Osama Bin Laden


    MSNBC hack Chris Hayes used a chunk of his show on Tuesday night to claim that Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert is comparable to a terrorist because she dared to display her guns. During a segment on his show, Hayes began by noting how Boebert recently displayed her guns on the wall behind her while […] More

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  • POLL: Do Democrats Stand A Chance In 2018 Elections?


    Mid-term elections will be the highlight of 2018. If you listen to the lamestream media, they will try to convince you that Democrats are poised to take over the House and Senate and bring a stop to all the great things President Trump has brought to motion. But reality shows a different story as the […] More

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