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  • CNN Miserably FAILS To Troll Trump’s ‘Sh**hole’ Comment, Screws The Pooch On Live TV

    After President Donald Trump reportedly referred to El Salvador, Haiti and several African countries as “shithole countries” Thursday, CNN couldn’t figure out how to report on the explicit comment. The producers alternated between having the uncensored “shithole” on a chyron and trying to re-frame the story with a chyron that didn’t include the word. Meanwhile, […] More

  • WATCH: Fake News MSNBC Reporter Gets HUMILIATED On Live TV

    Friday during a live shot on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” an unidentified man interrupted network reporter Vaughn Hillyard, who has been dispatched to Pensacola, FL to cover the evening’s rally featuring President Donald Trump. The man is seen waving an American flag and chants, “Roy Moore is going to win.” LOL this black Roy Moore supporter […] More