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  • POLL: Can Trump Stop Illegal Immigration Before 2020?

    YES! YUGE!

    Democrats have shown that they care more about illegal immigrants than national born Americans. California has even gone so far as to invite Mexican Presidental hopefuls to campaign in the State to promote their ‘pro-immigration’ agenda. Can President Trump stop this madness before 2020? Can anything be done to prevent the collapse of the middle class, […] More

  • Tucker UNLEASHES! ‘Dem’s Support Lawlessness As Part Of A Larger Race War’


    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson unloaded on the Democrats’ radical immigration agenda in a segment Thursday. “Democrats are now affirmatively in favor of illegal immigration.” WATCH: “Democrats–they’ve gone completely off the deep end. Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton gave speeches including the state of the union address, calling illegal immigration a danger to the middle class, […] More