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  • All Lives Matter: Bring an End to Tyranny

      President Barack Obama is continuing to destroy this country through dividing us due to race. It wasn’t enough that he has been destroying it by “muslimifying” our country, and forcing immigrants into this country without being properly vetted. Now to add to the more  horrific choices to ruin America, he has backed certain movements […] More

  • Hillary Clinton Tells Black Radio Host She Carries Fried Chicken And Watermelon In Her Purse

    Hillary Clinton told a black radio host that she always carries fried chicken and watermelon with her. Ok, not exactly, but during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” Monday morning, Angela Yee asked the Democratic candidate what she always has in her purse. “Hot sauce,” Clinton answered. “Yeah.” “Now listen, I want you to know that people are […] More