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  • Queen Elizabeth AGREES To Boris Johnson’s Request, Now Anti-Brexit Rebels Are Writhing With Outrage


    Boris Johnson is making waves today in Britain as he just got the Queen to agree to suspend parliament for the sake of Brexit: USA TODAY – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II approved a request Wednesday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament, a constitutionally unusual move that makes it easier for Johnson to force through […] More

  • London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Digs At Pres. Trump – He Instantly Regretted It!


    Amid reports from the BBC that President Donald Trump will visit England in July and is likely to meet Queen Elizabeth “at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle,” the mayor of London took to social media to troll the US president while not-so-subtly urging protests. Not that Nigel Farage, the conservative former leader of the UK Independence […] More