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  • Meet The 60-Year-Old Mailman Who Spends Every Sunday Cleaning Headstones Of Veterans


    With his soft-bristled brush and specialized cleaning solution in hand, 60-year-old Clarence Hollowell heads to the cemetery, ready to work on his day off. During the workweek, Hollowell is a mailman with the Jacksonville Beach Post Office in Florida. But on Sundays, Hollowell has a different gig: He voluntarily cleans the worn down headstones of […] More

  • POLL: Are You Proud To Be An American?

    Political provocateurs, liberal snowflakes, and radical leftists are attacking the very foundations of our country. They attack anyone proud of the rich and diverse history of America, assault all who defend the values that are the very bedrock of our constitution, and accost all who stand up and defend this home of the free and the […] More