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  • BREAKING: House Passes Bill To Make DC 51st State In Purely Partisan Power-Grab


    In a move to further solidify their power, the Democrat House just absurdly passed a bill to make DC the 51st state. The purely partisan vote passed 216-218 without a single Republican vote. The proposal, backed by President Joe Biden and leaders in both chambers of Congress, was all but guaranteed to pass through the Democrat-led House. […] More

  • Report: AG Barr Is Attempting A MAJOR Overreach Of Power Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


    Here we go. Politico is reporting that the Department of Justice is seeking authority to detain people without trial, which goes against one of the cornerstones of our constitutional rights. The Justice Department has quietly asked Congress for the ability to ask chief judges to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies — part of a push […] More