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  • Philippines President Makes FRIGHTENING Suggestion For Unvaccinated: Enter Their Homes And Jab Them As They Sleep


    President Rodrigo Duterte has devised a terrifying new strategy for increasing immunization rates in the Philippines. Duterte said he understood many people were still afraid to obtain the vaccine, which is not mandatory, during his ‘Talk to the People’ address on Monday. “I know many people are still hesitant” he said “So find them in […] More

  • Canadian Hostage Beheaded

    The Philippine president has condemned the “brutal and senseless murder” of a Canadian man by Abu Sayyaf militants. Robert Hall was kidnapped by the Islamist group in September along with three others from Canada, the Philippines and Norway. Fellow Canadian John Ridsdel was killed by the group in April after a multi-million dollar ransom deadline […] More