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  • Israel Joins U.S. To Put Iran In Its Place And Keep The Persian Gulf Safe


    Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz confirmed on Tuesday that Israel has joined the U.S.-led coalition to secure navigation in the Persian Gulf. According to Y-Net Katz said that he had recently met with a “high ranking persona” from the United Arab Emirates to improve ties between Israel and Arab states and that Israel was determined to stop “Iranian […] More

  • Iran And Russia Strengthen Military Ties, Ramp Up Naval Show Of Force In Persian Gulf


    Iran and Russia have agreed to conduct joint naval drills in the Persian Gulf region by the end of the year. Iranian Naval Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi confirmed that the two countries had reached an agreement about holding drills in the Indian Ocean, Makran waters, Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf. He added […] More

  • Trump STOPS A WAR…But Is the Media Reporting On It? NO!

    To hear the Democrat-aligned media tell it, President Donald Trump is a loose cannon, a reckless warmonger whose tough rhetoric will cause more conflicts to start that will inevitably lead to countless unnecessary deaths. What they don’t tell you is that Trump has actually been making great strides to prevent the outbreak of new conflicts, […] More