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  • Bad For Business: Papa John’s Just Kicked Their Founder, John Schnatter, Out Of The Corporate Offices


    Papa John’s founder John Schnatter is still suffering fallout from his use of the n-word as his company continues its campaign to distance itself from him, this time evicting him from his offices at the company headquarters. From Breitbart: In a recent meeting of company officials, a board of independent directors announced the termination of Schnatter’s agreement […] More

  • After Anthem Protests DESTROY NFL Ratings, This Huge Sponsor Is About To Drop Out HARD

    The NFL and Papa John’s, have probably enjoyed the closest business relationship of any sponsor and sports league in recent history. However, the NFL’s handling of the recent spate of anthem protests, might sever that tie for good. According to the Wall Street Journal, considering their recent drops in pizza sales during NFL games,  Papa John’s […] More