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  • WATCH: Obese, Anti-Capitalist SJW Explains The Term “Obesity” Was ‘A Made-Up Term’ By Racists


    Not sure why I’m posting this one. Normally I wouldn’t care about some idiot SJW posting videos online, crying about people shaming them for being fat. But these people are taking over our colleges and corporations, leading the new wave of cancel culture. Anyway, a video posted on Tik Tok shows a person, and I […] More

  • POLL: Is There An Obesity Problem in The United States?

    During the Obama administration, Michelle Obama spent most of the 8 years her husband was in office battling obesity, especially of children, in the United States. Since Trump has taken over, he has scaled back some of the programs initiated by Obama, including Michelle’s horrendous school lunch programs. Kids even have their chocolate milk back! […] More