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  • Primary Upset Shows Red Innards


    The cannibalization of Democrats—now philosophically interchangeable with Bernie Sanders-style socialism—is fascinating (and deeply disturbing) to see.  What else explains last week’s primary defeat of establishment candidate Rep. Joseph Crowley?  Shockingly, the fourth most powerful Democrat in Congress—a 10-term incumbent—pink-slipped by the voters of NY-14.  In Mr. Crowley’s former slot now stands a genuine pinko: 28-year-old […] More

  • Hillary Cancels NY ‘Victory Party’ Only 24-Hours Before Election – Even She Knows She’s Lost!

    We heard last week a report about Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign making arrangements for a celebratory fireworks display over the Hudson River in New York City after the polls closed at the end of Election Day. Many viewed those event preparations as being awfully presumptuous on the part of Clinton’s campaign, sort of […] More

  • Trump On His Bomb Call: ‘I Should Be a Newscaster’

    Donald Trump on Monday morning claimed credit for accurately calling the weekend’s explosion in Manhattan a bombing, even before full details were in, as the Republican presidential nominee attempts to exploit the latest terror threats to boost his campaign. Trump slammed the media for attacking him over his early use of the bomb term and […] More