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  • NFL Ratings Continue To Circle The Drain, See Lowest Numbers Since 2009


    The NFL season opener between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons did not impress either on the field, or in the television ratings. The Eagles managed to do enough to survive the challenge from Atlanta and win by a final score of 18-12. However, in a game that saw the defending champs booed by […] More

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  • Thank You American Patriots – Super Bowl Protesters Shot Ratings To 8-Year LOW!

    Super Bowl LII will go down for the NFL as the lowest-rated Super Bowl game in recent memory. The Eagles 41-33 victory over the Patriots drew a 47.4/70 in metered markets. That’s down nearly three percent from last year’s thriller between the Patriots and the Falcons. It’s a 5 percent drop from the last time NBC had […] More

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  • Did Republican Al Michaels Just Blame Trump For NFL Ratings Decline?

    Sunday Night Football’s Al Michaels did not hold back when asked how President Trump impacted the anthem protests controversy in the NFL. Nor did he think twice about blaming those same anthem protests, in part, for hurting the league’s ratings. In an interview with’s Rob Tornoe, Michaels was given free rein to do something he […] More

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  • After Anthem Protests DESTROY NFL Ratings, This Huge Sponsor Is About To Drop Out HARD

    The NFL and Papa John’s, have probably enjoyed the closest business relationship of any sponsor and sports league in recent history. However, the NFL’s handling of the recent spate of anthem protests, might sever that tie for good. According to the Wall Street Journal, considering their recent drops in pizza sales during NFL games,  Papa John’s […] More

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