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  • Traitors In Their Midst? Fox News Host Delivers Anti-Trump Rant, Neil Cavuto Is “TOAST”


    Fox News may have a traitor in their midst. Host Neil Cavuto recently went on an Anti-Trump rant calling some recent remarks by the President “in-human”. What is the angle here? Is Fox News attempting to gain a more diverse pool of followers? It’s not a shocker that Fox News has turned on their original fan […] More

  • Neil Cavuto Crushes Obama For Blaming Trump’s Victory On Fox, It’s Actually Your Fault

    Obama once again infuriated and misunderstood American’s everywhere by claiming that Fox News ‘being in every bar’ is what was responsible for Trump’s victory. However, Neil Cavuto has a strong message for Obama. It is actually your fault and your policies that brought out Trump. First Neil slammed Obama for being in denial and failing […] More

  • VIDEO: Fox News’ Neil Cavuto EXPOSES LIES Lester Holt Made During Debate

    The first presidential debate between Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump was fully of fiery exchanges between the two candidates, as well as several questionable moments. NBC’s Lester Holt, the moderator for the debate, started getting flak before the debate was over after he repeatedly interrupted Trump to “fact-check” him, except that his fact-checks were […] More