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  • Trump Is on a WINNING Streak After Stocks Close at Record Highs!

    President Trump has been promising to Make America Great Again for over a year, and now that he’s in office, he’s finally doing it. Since he took office, the NASDAQ and the S&P have been on record-high closing streaks, and this weekend was no different. From Breitbart: The Nasdaq composite climbed one-third of a percentage […] More

  • Trump’s Policies Just Helped Him Accomplish Something NO Other President Has Done – So Why is the Media IGNORING It?!

    There was much liberal wailing and gnashing of teeth after Donald Trump won the presidential election. The one consolation for liberals was their certainty that at least Trump would be a terrible president. In that light, it’s little wonder that the liberal mainstream media is doing its very best to ignore President Trump’s stunning string […] More