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  • D.C. Mayor Bowser Was Caught Maskless At Huge Indoor Party RIGHT AFTER Imposing Mask Mandate


    The Age of the Liberal Hypocrite continues apace. The primary example is Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., who, like Biden and the rest of the Democrats, is adopting fake science in order to put draconian restrictions on the American people. And, like all the other Democrats, she’s put herself above her own laws, […] More

  • DC Mayor Shares Fear America Is Descending Into A Race War


    The mayor of Washington DC says that she fears the US is descending into a ‘race war’ as violence across the country continues and the FBI investigate a potential network of domestic terrorists who may be traveling to protest hotspots. Other of figures across politics, media, and Hollywood have simultaneously started mentioning the possibility of […] More