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  • A George Floyd Mural In Toledo Gets Destroyed By Lightning Strike


    A mural to honor Saint Floyd in Toledo was reportedly destroyed by lighting on Tuesday. The George Floyd Memorial mural at Summit and Lagrange in Toledo has come down. No word yet on the circumstances #13abc — Shaun Hegarty (@Shaun_Hegarty) July 13, 2021 UPDATE: Witnesses have told authorities that the George Floyd mural was […] More

  • Offensive Mural Will Be Taken Down Soon

      It looks like the 2016 election is entering the avant-garde. A mural depicting presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing, along with the stenciled phrase “make everything great again,” now adorns the back of a Lithuanian barbeque joint, Keule Ruke. The image has gone viral, but the artist — […] More