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  • Boulder Police Chief Says King Soopers Shooter’s Motives “Remain Unknown” After 156 Interviews — Journalists Found A Motive With 0 Interviews


    After thousands of hours and over a hundred interview, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said on Friday that the motives of the Boulder King Soopers shooter remain unknown. I guess they didn’t have a chance to look at his social media page before Facebook took it down. Investigators have gathered more than 223 leads and conducted 156 […] More

  • POLL: Will We Ever Know Paddock’s True Motives?

    Comedian Lena Dunham, following the murder of more than 50 people in Las Vegas, insisted on Twitter that the shooting was actually about her favorite pet issues. Police say there is not yet enough evidence to identify shooter Stephen Paddock’s motive. The shooter’s brother likewise said he had no political or religious affiliations to speak […] More