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  • Trump Has A Genius Way To Fund The Wall, And It Has Chuck Schumer FLIPPING OUT


    Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer says any effort by President Donald Trump to use military funding to build his border wall be blocked by lawsuits, according to the Washington Post. The Washington Post reported that Trump is pushing military officials to shift a very small portion of their $700 billion 2018 budget to build up border defenses, […] More

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  • Trump Signs Congress’ Omnibus Bill – Focus Was Military, But Then Made A Stern Warning To The Swamp


    President Donald Trump signed Congress’ $1.3 billion omnibus spending bill Friday afternoon, despite threatening to veto the legislation earlier that day. Trump cited the $26 billion increases in Defense Department spending as the major factor behind his decision, but he also vowed to “never sign another bill like this again.” WATCH: “For the last eight years, […] More

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  • POLL: Is NOW The Time To Cut Military Spending?

    Democrats are demanding we cut military spending. If we decide to cut the military spending and keep it to a minimal what happens when North Korea actually does what they have been threatening for the years past? We will be blind sided. Is now really the time to cut military spending? More

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