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  • Violent Criminal Released On Bail, Funded By Biden Staffers, Nearly Murders A Man — Left Still Blames Trump


    A 32-year-old accused felon committed another violent assault against an innocent man after being bailed out by the nonprofit funded by Biden’s staffers. The Minnesota Freedom Fund received $35 million in donations during the George Floyd riots and Biden’s campaign staffers were among the people who made substantial donations. Lionel Timms was bailed out of jail […] More

  • Biden Stands Idlely By While Kamala Bails Out Violent Rioters He Allegedly Condemns


    Former vice president Joe Biden has not addressed his vice presidential pick’s support for a foundation that bailed rioters out of jail, though the 2020 presidential candidate condemned rioting and violence. Sen. Kamala Harris and at least 13 of Biden’s campaign staff members supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund’s efforts to bail out those arrested during riots and […] More