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  • OH BOY! Sleepy Joe Biden Compares Floyd To MLK And It BACKFIRES Big Time!


    George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis was tragic. An American citizen died after more than eight minutes with a police officer’s knee over his neck, as he begged for air. Floyd’s past convictions, some of them for serious crimes, played no part in what the country saw on video. He was detained after allegedly attempting to pass a […] More

  • A Recently Discovered FBI Report Shows Some SHOCKING New Information About Martin Luther King, Jr.


    A Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Martin Luther King, Jr. recently made a dive into recently-released FBI surveillance summaries, revealing what could be a “painful historical reckoning” for the legendary civil rights leader. From Daily Caller: David Garrow, who won a Pulitzer for his 1987 King biography “Bearing the Cross,” detailed his shocking revelations in a article […] More

  • Veteran, Ex-NFL Player: ‘Kaepernick Next Martin Luther King’


    Former NFL long snapper and U.S. Army Green Beret Nate Boyer thinks free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be the next Martin Luther King Jr. if he can embrace his opposers and listen to them. When Kaepernick sat for the national anthem in 2016, Boyer met with the then-San Francisco 49er and convinced him to kneel instead […] More