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  • Watch Company Delivers Another CRUSHING RESPONSE To Gillette’s ‘Woke’ Commercial


    A designer watch company is continuing to promote and encourage the positive aspects of masculinity with a new short film called, “A letter to my son.” In January 2019, Procter & Gamble’s razor brand Gillette released an ad that depicted men sexually harassing women, bullying others and getting into fist fights. While Gillette did challenge […] More

  • POLL: Do You Agree There Is A War On Masculinity In America?

    Yet another anti-male group has emerged, this time in Washington D.C. It’s called Rethink Masculinity, and it is billed as a community where “people identifying as men” learn how social constructs of masculinity are harmful and then subsequently work to construct “healthier” ways to be men. What is this country coming to? Do you agree there […] More