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  • Trump Gives UK A Beautiful Gift! ROASTS London Mayor Sadiq Khan First Second Off The Plane!


    resident Donald Trump fired back at London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s direct attack on him, taking to Twitter Monday morning as he landed in the UK to dismiss the outspoken left-wing politician as a “stone cold loser”. The Tweets — which President Trump appeared to make while flying over British airspace but before Air Force One […] More

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  • London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Digs At Pres. Trump – He Instantly Regretted It!


    Amid reports from the BBC that President Donald Trump will visit England in July and is likely to meet Queen Elizabeth “at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle,” the mayor of London took to social media to troll the US president while not-so-subtly urging protests. Not that Nigel Farage, the conservative former leader of the UK Independence […] More

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  • POLL: The UK Just Told Trump He Is Not Welcome: Should He Retaliate?

    Britain just did something majorly insulting. Because Trump spoke his mind he has been told he is unwelcome to attend the opening of the new American embassy in London planned for January. They were completely out of line. (Read full story here…) Now there are calls for a more formal state visit to be cancelled. […] More

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