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  • Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Caught Funneling $45 MILLION In Donations Into Their Own Pockets


    The dust hasn’t even settled on the news that one of their founders was a pedophile, now the Lincoln Project is under intense scrutiny after a records review revealed that the group funneled millions of their donations into companies owned by it’s founders. Out of roughly $90 million the anti-Trump Lincoln Project has raised, more than half […] More

  • Co-Founder Of Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Has Been OUTED As A Russian Foreign Agent


    A group of Trump-hating, so-called “Republicans” formed a group, ostensibly, with the mission of ‘protecting democracy’.  However, their real cause was never to protect democracy and the rule of law, but rather to defeat President Trump in the 2020 Presidential election. This gaggle of individuals who claim they know better than President Trump on what’s […] More