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  • Far-Left Professor Who Blamed Vegas Shootings On President Trump Just Got Slapped With Worst News Ever


    There’s only so much crazy even the most liberal universities will put up with. Far-left professor George Ciccariello, whose controversial remarks include claiming “Trumpism” was responsible for October’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, has resigned from Drexel University. Ciccariello posted a statement regarding his resignation to his social media accounts. He attributed his decision to “right-wing, white […] More

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  • POLL: Has The Liberal Left Turned Into The American Taliban?


    Gary Bauer of American Values spoke during the afternoon session at the Values Voter Summit today, where he declared that the left has become “an American Taliban” and is working to take down Confederate monuments because “they hate America.” They have certainly gone too far in their attack against America. Do you agree the left […] More

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