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  • Keith Ellison’s Latest Debate DISASTER Was A PR Nightmare That Democrats Won’t Soon Live Down!


    Congressman Keith Ellison, who’s currently running to serve as Minnesota’s next attorney general, has vehemently denied the allegations of abuse against him, casting doubt on the credibility of accusers Karen Monahan and Amy Alexander. During a post-primary debate Friday evening on Twin Cities PBS’ “Almanac” program, one of the moderators noted that 40 percent of Minnesota voters consider […] More

  • Forget Kavanaugh, Why In The Hell Is The DNC STILL SILENT About FACTUAL Ellison Abuse?!


    The hypocrites at the DNC are calling for a public hearing for a Kavanaugh’s accuser, who claims she was attacked and nearly “killed” at a house party during high school, 36-years ago, while completely ignoring the VERY credible, recent accusations from several women against DNC co-chair Keith Ellison. If you continue w/Kavanaugh “assault” stunt, we […] More