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  • Supreme Court Justice Shocks World…Affirms Trump’s Statement About Mexican Judge – BOOM!

    Another day, another issue distorted by the media. Recently Donald Trump called into question the view of Judge Curiel over a court case, claiming that his Hispanic heritage might influence his bias. Those comments sent the media into a tizzy, as Democrats and Republicans called Trump a racist. How quick the established conservatives turn on […] More

  • WHAT! Were Trump Hatin’ Judge’s Father & Mother Illegal Aliens?

    Was Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s father and mother an illegal immigrant? Is Judge Curiel a “white Hispanic”? Did Curiel’s mother become a citizen through the 1965 Immigration Act? And, why, oh why, can we find no evidence that they ever became citizens? An investigation into Judge Curiel’s heritage might shed a clue. Curiel has repeatedly brought […] More