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  • NFL Ratings Keep Plummeting – Roger Goodell Getting Axed, But Will His Replacement Fix This Mess?

    It has been recently rumored that Goodell’s days are numbered as the NFL commissioner, according to a new report by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. According to the New York Post, Jerry Jones is ready to take down Roger Goodell. The Cowboy’s owner was on a conference call recently discussing whether they could halt the contract extension […] More

  • Incensed GQ Writer Blames Trump For EVERYTHING — And Surprise, It’s Not Olberman

    Anyone hearing that someone at GQ wrote an amazingly obtuse article about the evils of Donald Trump can be forgiven for automatically assuming that the author’s last name was ‘Olbermann’ Surprisingly it’s not, one can only assume that Gentleman’s Quarterly employees a stable of ‘journalists’ who are ummmm, slightly off kilter (which is a really […] More