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  • Ivanka Sets The Record Straight Over Email Flub, But Makes One Thing VERY CLEAR!


    Advisor to the president Ivanka Trump responded to the criticism she’s received for her use of a private email during her time in her father’s administration, saying there is “no equivalency” between her situation and the one that plagued Hillary Clinton. Reports surfaced earlier in November claiming Trump sent hundreds of emails in 2017 to White House […] More

  • Democrats Compare Ivanka To Hillary Over Email Investigation – Their Cases Couldn’t Be More Different


    Prior to President Donald Trump speaking to reporters about the email controversy involving his daughter, Ivanka Trump, some legal experts were already noting the substantial difference between her case and Hillary Clinton‘s. The word of the day in media is “hypocrisy” and Democrats have already said they want to have an official investigation into Trump’s email use. But are […] More