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  • Islamic Scholar Who Said Coronavirus Was ‘Allah’s Punishment’ Against Infidels Catches The Virus


    I find there’s no sight more pathetic than one of those Marjoe-like preachers on those high-numbered religious channels on your satellite system, worked up into a pro-wrestling-level fake harangue about how a hurricane has punished the wicked in some state or another. All right, then. As an evangelical Christian, I think I deserve an answer […] More

  • SHOCK REPORT: Prominent Oxford Islamic Scholar Accused Of ‘Violent Rape’

    Paris (AFP) – A Muslim feminist activist who has accused prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan of violent rape detailed her claims in a hard-hitting interview Monday. The leading Oxford professor, whose grandfather founded Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Islamist movement, is facing investigations in France for the alleged rape of two women. Ramadan has denied the accusations […] More