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  • House Impeachment Manager Just ADMITTED That Impeachment Is a Fraud ‘All About 2020 Election’


    Democratic House impeachment manager Rep. Zoe Lofgren admitted Sunday that the impeachment sham is all about the 2020 election. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Rep. Lofgren was asked why the Democrats rushed into impeachment rather than fighting the subpoenas in court. reports: Trump’s Deputy Counsel Patrick Philbin said on Saturday that […] More

  • We Can’t Wait To See This Train Wreck! Hunter Biden Will Be Called As Witness In Impeachment Hearing


    Republican lawmakers are preparing to call Hunter Biden as a witness in the upcoming public impeachment hearings, according to reports. ox News obtained a list of witnesses selected by Republicans – a list which includes Hunter Biden and the so-called CIA “whistleblower.” “Americans see through this sham impeachment process, despite the Democrats’ efforts to retroactively legitimize it […] More